A text editor inspired by the Canon Cat.


Tiny internet community where people can create their homepages for free. These pages are listed on Ichi's index, allowing everyone to explore, discover, and engage with one another.

Status Cafe

Set your current status. Display it on your homepage. Customize your profile!

The Midnight Pub

A virtual pub for tired souls looking to lift their spirits. It's located in the heart of Nightfall City, hipen in a small alley.

Smol Pub

A low-tech web interface to manage your journal on the small net. All your posts are available on Web, Gemini and Gopher.


A retro but modern forum software inspired by phpbb.

Nightfall City

A vibrant metropolis in an uncharted internet territory.


A free and open-source software that lets you collect responses from forms on your site


A static wiki generator. This site is created with nini.

Wobble Town

A place to adopt Wobbles, tiny pixelated creatures that enjoy eating a lot.

HTML Journal

A format to write journals in HTML


A format to write blogs in HTML

The Neon Kiosk

An ordinary looking kiosk that distributes HTML Journal.


A game that's all about speed, and that you play on the net.


A basic message board.


A little virtual console.

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