This p/age/erson is a work in progress.

Hi! I'm m15o, welcome to my about page. One of the most complicated subject to write about is oneself, isn't it? Well, maybe it isn't. But for me, it definitely is.

This site serves as my personal wiki, a place for putting my thoughts, ideas, projects and connect them together. It has a loose structure but a lot of links. It's inspired by XXIIVV and built for the long run, with an ambition to still be there in the next 10 years or more. It's a evolutive snapshot of what's in my mind!

This wiki is generated by nini. It assembles static html files and scans for links. When it finds one, it adds a link back from the destination page to the current page. These are called bi-directional links. They allow to discover connected pages. They bring more context. I like them. They are nice.

Want to get in touch? Head in this direction!

Favorite drink

Hot drink: coffee. Favorite spirit: whisky. Favorite beer type: IPA. I like sparkling water a lot too.

Favorite food

Pizza! Bread! Pasta! I love italian food, somehow. Also, sourdough-based anything.

Favorite software & services

I actually made a list!