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Started a software (and services) I like list.

2022-06-19 - The Neon Kiosk

I've had a bit of fun today and put together the Neon Kiosk. It's an HTML Journal aggregator. Anyone can submit their journal, and Main Street passerbys will be able to read it on their way to work.


Just released HTML journal, a format to write journals. Just like this one!


I'm not sure how much I want to use this journal to write stuff that's outside directly new pages on the site. But I think it would be fun. Also, a journal is there to write stuff, right? Well, Hello then! I'm currently at the bar with 0 internet connection, that's ok, I can work offline. I'm writing a little program that could translate this page (the journal) into a normal atom feed. I've also written about subscribing to a journal page, which explains how we could write journal pages in html and subscribe to them!

Wait. So if I start writing stuff here, does it mean this page becomes a blog? Darn. I've already got a blog. No, that's a journal. We all know that journals are much different from blogs, right? right? We're also two people in the bar right now but hey, it's my favorite place, the music is good and the beer is bad, which is good. This place was what inspired me to create the Midnight Pub. Maybe at some point I should make it a real bar? Would you come visit? Hope you would!

For real though, I'd stop my work in tech to open the Midnight in a heartbeat. Let's make that happen at some point. Man, this journal entry is very long compared to the other ones. Oh well. Here's to long journal entries!


Just added a page about the technical stack I'm using to build my projects.


Wrote a page about the small net.


I'm having a little too much fun adding pages. In particular, just added riku status cafe, ichi and much more.


I've just added an atom feed that I'm manually updating for now. I could generate it automatically but there's something nice about just writing it. It doesn't add that much effort. I've also added a page on feeds in general, because feeds are awesome. If you don't have one, you should make one!


I'm currently re-writing this site with nini. It's a new project I've started, which is the evolution of ni. Nini focuses only on html and is made for the web.